The Go-to-Talent hunt is a selective program within the Innovation Makers Challenge (IMC) that offers successful applicants a unique and comprehensive opportunity to enhance their innovation and entrepreneurship skills. Those chosen will undergo a three-day insightful and immersive experience designed to equip them with essential knowledge and expertise across various crucial aspects of business, technology, and innovation.

During the Innovation Makers Bootcamp, participants will undergo a diverse curriculum that encompasses:

  • Business Development and Entrepreneurship,
  • Tech Regulations and Intellectual Property,
  • Management and Marketing, Commercialisation,
  • Corporate Structure and Policy, and
  • Acquisition of Grants and Funding.

After the boot camp, participants will undergo quizzes and exercises to assess their assimilation of the knowledge and skills acquired, certification will also be issued.

The finalists will have the chance to showcase their refined pitches at the Innovation Makers Conference, where they will vie for a substantial cash prize. This event serves as a platform to highlight their innovations and capabilities before a panel of judges, industry experts, potential investors, and fellow innovators.

Moreover, the top finalists will also gain access to coveted placements with leading tech companies for a minimum two-week internship. This immersive experience will provide participants with hands-on exposure to real-world tech environments, allowing them to apply their knowledge, learn from professionals, and expand their industry networks.