IMC is an initiative pioneered by the Telecommunications and Technology Sustainability Working Group  (TTSWG) aimed at empowering young innovators in the technology and telecom industry in Nigeria. It encompasses a go-to-talent challenge, boot camp, conference, and an exhibition to showcase groundbreaking innovations.

Innovators interested in participating in the IMC challenge are to submit their entries in the form of a 1-minute video Innovation Pitch. This pitch should succinctly highlight the key features, benefits, and innovative aspects of their sustainability-driven products or services. Their services should also fall into the following categories (FinTech, AgroTech, Waste Management, EduTech, EnergyTech and AssitiveTech)

The boot camp provides participants with comprehensive training in tech regulations, management, marketing, responsible commercialisation, corporate structure, funding, and entrepreneurship. Participants engage in quizzes and exercises, with top performers advancing to the Innovators Pitch for prizes and prestigious tech internships.

Certainly. Participation in the Innovation Conference is open to all, irrespective of their involvement in the Innovators Challenge.

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EduTech, AgroTech, EnergyTech, Waste Management, FinTech, AssistiveTech


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